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Deck Doctors is your Wood Structure Restoration and Preservation Specialist, servicing Northern California since 1999 Ca.Lic.#786427. Deck Doctors handles all aspects of restoration such as REPAIRS, PRESSURE WASHING, SANDING, STAINING, SEALING and/or REFINISHING. Quality workmanship with professional customer service for your residential and commercial needs.

To schedule a free estimate, e-mail me at or feel free to call (925)351-DECK(3325) or (888)650-DECK(3325)

Listed below are some of the services that Deck Doctors provides. Click on the  word Photo Gallery that's highlighted below right, for pictures and details of projects completed by Deck Doctors.


Wood Structure, Composite Material and Siding Restoration and Preservation


Dry Rot or Termite Damage Repair


Pressure Washing, Stripping and/or Sanding


Commercial Grade Elastomeric Coatings   


Masonry Surface Pressure Washing and Sealing


Demolition and Hauling


Interior & Exterior Painting


Termite Report (Section 1 Item) Repair


Home Inspections




Deck care and refinishing

Wood structures have a long history in the United States and today with synthetic materials playing a greater part in modern home construction our love of wood as a building material is mostly kept alive in our interior cabinetry, hardwood flooring, and trim work. And for the exterior we have beautiful wood structures such as decks, overhangs, trellis and gazebos. A new redwood or cedar deck can truly be a thing of beauty to behold. It can increase the value of your home, expand your recreational space and help bring the indoors to the outside. All exterior wood structures, including composite material structures, require maintenance and preservation. In fact, exterior wood structures like decks, trellis or overhangs are more susceptible to damage from factors like sun rays and rain, than wood surfaces that are painted, such as your house. For this reason comprehensive and timely maintenance with a good protect ant, can make a difference in how long your deck lasts and how much of the original beauty it may retain. At Deck Doctors we take great pride in specializing in wood structure maintenance. So if your wood structure is in need of care or reviving call Deck Doctors, we are the professionals! We will put our vast knowledge and experience in wood restoration and preservation to work for you.

Deck Doctors Refinishing Process

1. Preparation:

           Fasten down any loose board members and countersink all protruding fasteners. Remove all old existing finish or color from wood by application of stripping agent or finish remover. Use of deck brightener solution, (necessary after using a stripping agent or finish remover) is to aid in removing tannin bleeding or darkening of the wood, returning wood to its natural state. Sand decking surfaces bare and smooth for a better look and feel. Application of a cleaner/conditioner solution to kill any surface fungus, then pressure wash to ensure optimal dirt and fungus removal with attention to gap spaces to remove dust and debris. Any repairs or replacement of dry rot or damaged wood members and/or underpinning should be completed before application of finish.

2. Application of Finish: 

          Prep for application of finish by laying down tarps and/or masking off any needed areas or surfaces. Water based resin type finishes can be applied to wood surfaces wet or dry. Oil based finishes can only be applied when wood is dry. Application of finish to wood surfaces is a combination of using rollers to apply finish, then back-brushing for uniformity and to aid the penetration of oils into wood. We apply fully translucent, semi-translucent and/or solid finishes and stains to any type of wood structure or masonry surface. Your decision for the type and color tone of your finish or stain will be made at the time of the estimate and based on homeowners request and/or our recommendation. For best results aesthetically and for the longevity of your structure or surface, I recommend Cabot Stains and finishes. Cabot has a wide variety of color tones to choose from, as well as being able to color match to any existing color. We've had great results and feedback by using Cabot over the years and Consumer Reports rates Cabot #1 on the list of all decking stains. For more information on Cabot products, visit Cabot's website at

 3. Clean-Up and Inspection: 

          Clean up and removal of any refinishing and/or construction debris. Any hazardous materials to be taken to HazMat facility for proper disposal. Final inspection with homeowner. 


Exterior Services

Deck Doctor not only specializes in deck repair and refinishing but we also provide construction, remodeling, restoration and preservation services for most types of wood structures. Other structures include: Fences, Overhangs, Trellis, Gazebos, Wood Furniture (chairs and tables), Gangways, Docks and Boardwalks. Also restore, beautify and preserve your Redwood or Cedar Shake and/or Siding.

Masonry  surface pressure washing and sealing include: Concrete, Pavers, Blocks, Stucco, Rock Aggregate. Almost any type of masonry surface can be pressure washed, sealed or stained.

Deck Doctors provides exterior services for Residential and Commercial Site Customers such as Home Owner Associations, Multi-Family Housing, Schools, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Office Buildings and Industrial Sites.

For more information on products and services or to schedule a free estimate, call (888)650-DECK(3325) or (925)351-DECK(3325). Also, feel free to send any e-mail to and thank you for visiting this site!

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